Essence Types

The above graphic depicts the different essence types as shown by the enneagram. To be clear the essence type is the face of the soul or our authentic self. There are 6 main essence types according to the enneagram. There is also a 7th type which we will discuss later that is a combination of all the 6 types.

We are born as one of the types yet there will be a remembrance of the type we were in the last life and also a connection to the essence type we will become in the next life. As we develop in life its possible to become more in touch with the other essence types that exist within us all. The more we develop, the more compassionate and understanding we become.

You will notice on the above graphic the numbered sequence appears out of order. This is how it was originally introduced to the Western world and it also shows a connection to the mathematical equation Pi.

Below the essence types have been ordered sequentially to make it easier to understand in the order in which we reincarnate. You can click on each one to see more information about each type.

  1. Lunar/Moon

  2. Venus

  3. Mercury

  4. Saturn

  5. Jovial/Jupiter

  6. Mars

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