Jovial Essence Type

5th on the Enneagram is the Jovial type.

Typically big boned, wide bodied.

This is a younger brother or younger sisterĀ  essence type.

Jovials love to be centre of attention.

Are very intuitive - they quickly know things without thinking.

Love to party and have fun, playing games.

They have excellent timing.

Very positive - loves talking and laughing.

Come up with new ideas.

Jovials love to pull your attention.

Can be insensitive.

Loves to drink.

When they feel bad can end up in a rehabilitation centre.

Loves to teach and they make great managers.

Other suitable careers: anywhere where they get to get centre of attention - DJ, Entrepreneur, comedian, presenter etc.

Good examples of jovial countries are: Spain, Thailand.

Oceania is the jovial continent.

Soul-mate for moon types.

Jovial is coming from Saturn and going to Mars

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