Mercury Essence Type

Mercury is the youngest child of the enneagram.

Typically they have small, wiry bodies.

They are the Jack of all trades.

Mercury loves to show people the joy of this world.

They talk a lot and feel a need to lie or exaggerate at least once a day.

Mercury types are weak willed and easily led.

Does not like responsibility.

Extremely alert and observant people - the information gatherer.

Loves to trade.

Feels a need to sleep with many different partners.

When mercury types feel bad they can end up in prison.

Mercury types excel in the world of acting.

Other careers they are suited to: sales. advertising, agents, journalist tour guides etc - anywhere where they get to use their information gathering skills or love of exaggerating.

The soul-mate for mercury is Mars.

Good examples of Mercury countries would be Italy or Greece.

The Americas represent the Mercury continent.

Mercury is coming from Venus and going to Saturn.

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