Moon Essence Type

Moon type is the first on the enneagram.

Typical moon types are tall and slim with soft skin and distinctive eyes, sometimes with dark rings around their eyes.

Moon types are an older brother or older sister type essence.

This is the most sensitive of the types. Moon types feel emotions the most and are empathic.

 Moon types make the best musicians or artists.

Other suitable careers: designers. writers, poets. photographers and singers etc - anywhere where they can express their empathic, artistic nature.

They are also drawn towards healing because they feel the pain in this world.

They tend to be quite withdrawn characters.

Moon types have one of the highest intellects together with Saturn.

When moon types feel bad the tend to end up in hospital.

Good examples of moon type countries would be Eastern European cultures such as Poland and Russia.

The moon type continent is Antarctica.

Moon is coming from Mars. This means those that are born as a moon type, will have a remembrance of mars from their last life.

Moon is going towards Venus in the next life.

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