Soul Mates

Soul-mates give us what we miss the most and helps to complete us.

This applies to friendships, relationships and in business.

Here's how the soul-mates match up according to the enneagram:

Moon types need Jovial/Jupiter types to make a perfect match.

Moon types are the older slibing and goes well with the jovial's younger sibling essence.

Jovials have a habit of being insensitive and need the sensitivity of the Moon types to help them develop.

Moon types tend to be more withdrawn and need the outward going energy of the jovials to help develop them.

Moon types feel down a lot and being around a positive jovial type also helps them to feel better.

Venus goes together with Saturn to make the perfect match.

Both are parent essences.

Sombre Saturn is the business minded, linear thinking, masculine figure.

Venus is the emotionally strong feminine, caring figure.

Both compliment each other with what they need the most - emotionally weak Saturn needs the caring nature of Venus and the high intellect of Saturn gives the Venus type what they miss the most.

Mercury, the youngest child of the enneagram goes best with Mars.

Mercury likes to act the immoral child, they have a lot of energy and Mars, the parent essence, is the only one who can control them.

Mars has a lot of aggression and tends to be afraid to make the same mistake twice. Mercury loves to show people the joy of the world and helps to open up the world for Mars.

There appears to be a scientific connection with the essence types and their soul-mates.

Inside the atom are quarks - there are 6 of them.

We are all made up of atoms.

The 6 quarks were given names; up, down, strange, charming, top and bottom.

These quarks like to pair up too:

Up goes with Down.

Strange goes with charming.

Top goes with Bottom.

They seem to exhibit the same characteristics of the 6 essence types.

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