The Soul of the World

According to the enneagram the world has a soul too.

It shifts every 250 years into a new essence type.

We are currently in the middle of a shift from Saturn to Jovial

The Saturn period ran from 1750-2000 during that time we saw a lot of production, industry, science and technology - all of which are typical of Saturn,

Prior to the Saturn period was the Mercury period which ran from 1500-1750. Remember Mercury is the youngest and sometimes immoral child. During this time saw the rise of the pirates, it was a time when a lot of contracts had to be written to help counteract the immoral behaviour and it was also the time of Shakespeare - Mercury loves to act.

Now that we have entered the jovial period we see a lot of changes happening in the world. A number of revolutions in various countries.

There is also a lifting the veil of the many secrets that were kept during the Saturn period are coming to light. We have seen the rise of websites such as wikileaks.

Because of their strong intuition, Jovials know what's going on which is why the secrets kept by Saturn are coming out. You may have heard this shift is also being called moving from Pisces to Aquarius. The motto of Aquarius is "I know".

Jovial is a younger sibling essence - the intuitive child. So now we see a lot of the younger generation wanting to have things now instead of the more serious Saturn approach of saving up and appreciating what you worked so long for. This is typical jovial behaviour to want things now in this moment.

Saturn also likes the hierarchy system that has existed throughout the world in the form of corporate entities or Royal families. A lot of these are starting to collapse. Many of the reigning monarchs are in the latter stages of life and we also see corporate structures starting to collapse for example the banking system and Brexit from the EU. After the financial crisis of 2008 we saw the birth of Bitcoin  The technology behind Bitcoin is called Blockchain which aims to decentralise systems and empower people.

We can see a large number of corporate companies laying off staff and there is an increasing number of homeless people. This is all part of the shift because people are not their jobs. Its a spiritual awakening and those that may lose their jobs can see it as an opportunity to do work they are more suited to in tune with their essence.

Remember Europe is the Saturn continent which is why its had so much power over the past few hundred years. That balance of power is shifting now as we enter the jovial period. Both are outgoing essence types but there are some key differences in that Saturn is much more serious whereas Jovials are much more fun loving.

Its also worth noting the polarity of Saturn is entirely masculine, inside and out, whereas Jovial is outwardly masculine and inwardly feminine. We should see more balance of male and female energies in the jovial period. For example during the masculine Saturn period it was popular to become a strong individual which neglected a sense of community and family values - such as elderly relatives living in retirement homes rarely visited by family because they are too busy becoming a strong individual. Neighbours not communicating, sometimes hating each other, these things were common during the Saturn period. Because Saturn is an outward looking essence type the main focus has been on developing external things and little on human development. Jovials, because of their nature and balance of male and female energies, have a stronger sense of community, family and human development.

Jovials like ethics which are higher values, more in tune with our souls. Saturn liked moral values which are formed in the mind. We are witnessing major stories about tax avoidance or abuse of power which was allowed to thrive under the Saturn period because it was masculine and morally correct according to that essence. In the Jovial period what is generally accepted will change to those values which are ethical.

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