The Enneagram

The enneagram is an ancient map that was first introduced to the Western world approx 100 years ago by a Russian philosopher called George Gudjieff.
He learned about it on his travels in the Eastern world and his task was to introduce it to the Western world.
He setup schools around the world which are still running to this day.
He said when 2 people meet in the desert they would be able to explain something using the enneagram.
Its also been called a map that points towards knowing.

According to Gurdjieff's teachings people are made up of 4 bodies:
1. A physical body.
2. An emotional or energetic body.
3. An intellectual body.
4. A spiritual body.
Its the spiritual body that we will focus on here. Our spiritual body is our authentic self and it influences our personality. Our personality being made up of the other 3; the physical, emotional and intellectual bodies.

These different essence types exist in the different countries and continents around the world. The people living in them make it so with their energies.

One of the main purposes for making this website is to encourage understanding of all the types inside and outside of us.

Please click here for information on essence types.

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